About Me

Marine, bike messenger, print production artist, Harley-Davidson parts guy, tinkerer, thinker.

This site originally was created to host a car forum as an alternate to one that was self destructing. When that died, I started using it as a place to host my own photography as well as a file server of sorts.

It will still remain essentially that, however, I may actually post thoughts as well. Not that anyone will be reading them. A stagnant mind is one that loses its edge though so in the interest of not fading into some Alzheimer mental oblivion, I'll periodically write. About what who knows.

Services (yes services offered)

Web Design

From Simple to Complex.


My day job is making Harley-Davidson motorcycles go fast.


Nothing fancy. I'm not going to shoot your wedding or anything. Web content related stuff really.

Go ahead and use the form. I may answer, I may not. It honestly depends on what you say, if your i.p. comes up in Indonesia because you're out phishing and any number of other as yet unpublished criteria you need to meet.